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Jon Thornburgh’s Articles

Small Radios now Available for Ultralights and Light Aircraft
ParaToys Hosts The 2004 Powered Paragliding Fly-In
Israeli Pilot Wins Powered Paraglider Contest in California
Husband and Wife Team Write an Ultralight Book
EAA Selects Quicksilver for Special Photo Shoot at Sun 'n Fun
A New Flying Program Encourages Teenagers To Fly
Aviation Medical Information
Aviation Medical Information - Part 2
Crosswind Operations in a Powered Parachute
Flying a Powered Parachute in Alaska with Bud Gish
Logging Flight Time in an "Experimental Ultralight"
The True Cost of Ultraflight Instruction
Response to the Sport Pilot NPRM
The "Trike" A Magnificent Flying Machine
How To Find The Right Ultralight Instructor
Introduction to Ultralight Flying
FAA Publishes Sport Pilot Initiative
The Quicksilver GT 500
Quicksilver Sets Aviation Milestone
The Impact of Terrorism on General Aviaiton
Flying an Ultralight Over a "Congested Area"
Famed Actor Lorenzo Lamas Loves Ultralight Flying
Trike Pilot Makes Aviation History
Two Students Become FAA Licensed Glider-Trike Pilots
Wallaby Ranch - A Hang Gliding Paradise
Liability and Asset Protection for Aviators and Manufacturers
How To Find A Good Ultralight Manufacturer
Differences Between Ultralights and General Aviation Airplanes
The Difference Between an Experimental Trike and an Experimental Glider-Trike
The Experimental Glider-Trike Program

The New Glider-Trike - The Best Deal In Aviation
Light Aircraft Manufacturer's and Consumer's Data Network
Wake Turbulence and Light Aircraft
The Legacy of Trike Instructor Mike Jacober
Matt Liknaitzky receives his FAA Pilot Certificate in a Glider-Trike
Sport Pilot Implementation Challenges
Quicksilver Aircraft Receive Experimental-LSA Certificates
FAA Sport Pilot Examiner School


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