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Special Emphasis Areas
(compiled by Jon Thornburgh)

(Page 6 of Airplane PTS)

"Failure to maintain constant awareness of these items throughout the entire flight results in unsatisfactory performance, regardless of excellent adherence to all other standards throughout the test."

Please use the navigation bar on the left side to view information on the Special Emphasis Areas:

  1. Positive aircraft control
  2. Positive exchange of flight controls
  3. Stall and spin awareness
  4. Collision Avoidance
  5. Wake turbulence
  6. Low level wind shear avoidance
  7. Runway incursion avoidance
  8. Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT)
  9. Aeronautical decision making/risk management
  10. Checklist usage
  11. Spatial disorientation
  12. Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR)
  13. Special use airspace (SUA)
  14. Aviation security


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